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10 Unique Pools Ideas


The pool is timeless theme of the summer. Technology and trends in water utilities are changing, but the pool remains well known place for a pleasant feeling of the water and the sun. Especially, in the warm days in the city many of us dream for pools or sea with cold water. Therefore, we decided to share with you photos ... Read More »

Best Beach Hotels and Resorts


Many of us have the dream to be on holiday in hotel on the beach. Whenever the place the most important for these holidays is the sea and quality hotel services. For this reason, we introduce some of the best beach hotels in the world. Four Seasons Resort, Bora Bora The resort features 121 cozy villas, “hidden” on the coast ... Read More »

Pearl-Qatar – Riviera of the Arabian Gulf


Pearl-Qatar Pearl-Qatar is an artificial island located near the east coast of Qatar. It became notorious as the Riviera of the Arabian Gulf with Mediterranean architecture and capacity of 41,000 people. The island has not finished yet and it is still building at the moment on the former pearls farm. Actually, the name of the island comes from this farm. ... Read More »

The Best 5 Hotels in Paris


The Best 5 Hotels in Paris   Here are 5 of the best hotels in Paris. There you can find the real luxury, comfort, and relax. Shangri-La hotel is situated in an elegant building, built in 1896 for Roland Bonaparte. It is located near the Trocadero. They welcome you with tea, while you are registering. There are three restaurants – ... Read More »

Philadelphia– America most Historical city


Philadelphia-The most Historical city in America Philadelphia is a vibrant, accessible city with endless entertainment possibilities. Whatever you like – museums, gardens, sports, shopping, science, architecture, food, music or history – you will find countless opportunities in Philadelphia and surrounding areas of this interesting American city. Philadelphia is the fifth largest city in the U.S. and the largest city in ... Read More »

Pasadena California – American City of Roses

Visit Pasadena – American City of Roses Pasadena American city can boast of many attractions. There you will find world-class museums, beautiful gardens, extraordinary parades and a number of interesting activities. The most striking event during the entire year is the Roses parade, accompanied by multiple events. See what else offers Pasadena. Pasadena Pasadena is a city in California, USA. The city is ... Read More »

Rio de Janeiro


Rio de Janeiro – the marvelous city Endless beaches, tropical vegetation, the annual carnival and beautiful location make Rio de Janeiro one of the most desirable cities for visiting in the world. That’s why its nickname is the Marvelous City (for the local – Cidade Maravilhosa). The party is not only thing on agenda in Rio. It is also the cultural ... Read More »

Top 10 ski resorts in Europe


Top 10 ski resorts in Europe European ski resorts have the most long-standing traditions, but that does not mean that they are not up to date. Modern amenities, premium service and refined atmosphere can be found at all major resorts. In recent years, many tourists prefer more privacy and quiet places. Zermatt ski resort 1. Zermatt, Switzerland – Zermatt village, ... Read More »

Dominican Republic – exotic paradise


The Dominican Republic There is a place in the world, where the air brings unique flavors of coffee and cocoa and the dances are respected and this paradise is Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic is located in the eastern part of the Haiti Island. It has a number of small islands in the group of large islands in the Caribbean ... Read More »

San Marino – one of the smaller countries in the world

San Marino   San Marino With a population approximately 30 000 San Marino has the status of the republic and claims to be the oldest country in the world because of 1700’s old history. On Sep 03 301 San Marino began to exist as an independent province of the Roman Empire, which continued for centuries until today. San Marino is ... Read More »

Luxembourg-Little Switzerland

Luxembourg Luxembourg Along with the Vatican, Monaco, Andorra, San Marino and Luxembourg ranks among the smallest countries in Europe and the whole world. Luxembourg is intercontinental in northwestern Europe for a country that borders Belgium to the north and west Germany to the east and south of France. Capital of Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is the town, which is located ... Read More »

Edinburgh-the heart of Scotland

Edinburgh Scotland   Edinburgh Edinburgh - Scotland‘s eternal capital. Located on the north coast of the Gulf Firth af Fort in the southern part of Scotland, Edinburgh is the main location of the country but is the second number of inhabitants and the seventh most populous in the United Kingdom. It is named after its founder Prince One. A population ... Read More »

Astypalea Island in Greece

  Astypalea Greece The beautiful Greek resort Astypalea is the most western island of the Dodecanese – island group of twelve major islands in the southeastern Aegean Sea. Astypalea is a mountainous island with indented coastline, with many interesting bays. The entire island reaches a length of 18 km and a width of about 13 kilometers, covering an area of ... Read More »

Chicago-the windy city

Chicago   Chicago Skyline City of Chicago is the third largest in the U.S. after New York and Los Angeles, and the fourth largest in North America. The population of this megalopolis known as the “windy city” because of regular winds, there are towns around 2,830,144 people. Together with the number of people who live in the suburbs and forming ... Read More »

Manchester-the industrial capital of England

Manchester England   Manchester Manchester is considered the industrial capital of England. To not stay with the false impression that the city in a gray, dull and stiff, help comes intriguing statistic that shows that on Friday and Saturday the city center takes 100,000 more tourists than usual, especially at late hours. Manchester is located in western England, administrative center ... Read More »

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